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Do I need to be there when getting an estimate?

If you are requesting a free estimate for solar screens or any roll down shades on the exterior of your home/business then you do not need to be there during the measuring process. Just make sure to leave access to all areas that have a window needing to be measured. Also, when setting up a time for our technician to come out please notify us if you will not be there and if there are any special notes or requests that our technician needs to know about.

How much do solar screens cost on average?

Each window unit varies on price depending on size and configuration as well as what type of product you select. If you have approximate sizes of the windows you’re looking to cover we can give you a quote right over the phone or via email. As one of the largest solar screen companies in Texas, our buying power allows us to sell a top quality screen at prices that are competitive with anyone! We recommend scheduling an appointment for a free estimate to determine pricing. To do so, please contact us by calling 281-801-4773 for our Houston office or 361-541-6636 for our Corpus Christi office.

How much does it cost for an estimate on my house/business?

Texan Solar Screens has always offered complimentary estimates at no charge to the customer. We will send a qualified technician to your house/business to measure each window and go over in detail the products we offer. Once we have the measurements, a representative from our team will contact you regarding a quote and to set up a time for installation.

How long will it take for my screens to be made and installed?

Once measurements are completed and products are selected we send off the specifications to our warehouse to be assembled by hand. There is usually a turn around time from measurement to installation of 7-14 working days, but it depends on the season so we will let you know the current turnaround time.

What areas do you service?

We service a majority of the Houston area however our corporate location is based out of The Woodlands, TX. Additionally, we have a sister location that services Corpus Christi, TX and Victoria, TX. Outside of those areas? We offer nationwide shipping of all of our products and have professionals on staff to answer any installation or measuring questions you might have. Please call 281-801-4773 to find out if we are able to service you or see our Locations page.

What colors of solar screens are available?

We have a variety of different colors offered for both solar screens and roll down shades! Solar screens come in black, brown, stucco, gray, beige and dark bronze. The options go even further for roll down shades, which include patterns, textures and other aesthetically pleasing looks in addition to colors. We also have a wide range of frame colors to match any house! Stop by our showroom to see all our options or ask one of our certified technicians when we come out to estimate!

What is the best way to see what types of products you offer?

Texan Solar Screens offers a wide variety of solar screens, roll down shades, bug screens and more. We recommend coming in to our showroom located at 24645 Budde Rd. The Woodlands, TX 77380 to sit down with a representative and see what we offer. For your convenience we also offer free estimates and can come to you to discuss options.

What is the difference between solar screens and roll down shades?

Solar screens are custom-made screens mounted to the outside of your windows. They are installed very similar to a typical bug screen you would find on a house or business. These screens are designed to stay on once mounted. Roll down shades are installed on the interior of your house however can also be made to fit on patios and other exterior units. Roll down shades may be rolled up and down depending on personal preference via a manual pulley or with an automatic motor unit (controlled by remote control).

What type of material do you use for your solar screens?

Texan Solar Screens is a proud dealer of Phifer made products! Phifer is the industry leader in screens, roll down shades, patio doors and much more. Screens consist of a durable vinyl-coated polyester and 1″ aluminum metal framing. All screens are Greenguard certified, heavy-duty and pet/insect resistant!

Do I need to be present for installation?

Similar to getting an estimate you do not need to be present when the technician comes to install solar screens. If you have any work that involves going in the house such as roll down shades then you and/or someone else will need to be there. If all installation will be taking place outside just make sure to leave all areas accessible that require screens. Also please notify us ahead of time if there are any special requests, instructions, warnings, etc.

How are my screens installed?

There are several different ways to install your new screens. The most common way for solar screens is by drilling screws directly into the frames. The screws are color coated to match the frames and are almost impossible to see from normal viewing distances. If you do not prefer screws we also have clips and other attachments that are designed to pin the screens against the frames. Our certified technicians will go over options with you when coming out for an initial estimate.

How long does installation take?

Installation can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on the amount of screens ordered and where the windows are located. If ladders and/or scaffolds are involved please allow more time for proper installation. We pride ourselves on quality service and will take as long as needed to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for installation?

Nope! Our certified technician will take care of everything related to the installation. Just sit back and prepare to enjoy your new screens!

Are my screens removable?

Yes! While there are several different ways to install your screens the most common process is using screws that go directly into your frames. Should you decide you want to remove your screens simply unscrew them and take them off.

How do I clean my screens?

Solar screens very durable and easy to manage. Spraying them with a common garden hose, power wash machine for windows, or anything else will clean them to like brand new!

Do my screens look good?

Yes…. Yes they sure do! Give yourself a pat on the back for making such an excellent decision!

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